Skill Matters for the first time in a social poker game

Rivals of Poker fosters competitive and realistic poker gameplay with our patented game mechanics.


Players care about playing well because every hand they play is rated (with trophies) using our proprietary, skill ranking system.

Trophy count determines a player's ranking and who they're matched with at tables. Collecting trophies is also how your players earn your team's real world rewards. 

All of this works together to providing compelling gameplay for players of all levels.

When players take social poker seriously, they will work to improve their skills, leading them on a path towards competing at your casino.

The #RIVALS Lifestyle

We're not just building a poker game; we're promoting an aspirational lifestyle that's lively and fun.  Playing poker is cool. Your teams are cool, and so are your players.

Poker is a traditional casino game that's loved by young and old alike. 

Poker is a traditional casino game that's loved by young and old alike. 

Social Poker as an e-sport

The proliferation of smartphones have spread games all over the world. 44% of the world's online population plays some sort of digital game. 

The casino industry has taken a cue from this trend and has begun adopting new strategies and products. Much of the focus is on figuring out how to capitalize on E-sports:  

Multiplayer digital games that fans love to play & spectate on, with potential to win big prizes at the highest levels of competition. 

Poker is not far away from achieving this. The problem is that getting into and learning poker at a casino is intimidating to most amateurs.  Rivals of Poker provides a  clear path for aspirational new poker players to progress into professionals via a free-to-play game — like e-sports gamers.

Rivals of Poker hosts a live championship with a real money prize at the end of each season.  Top players from each team can qualify by simply competing to move up the ranks on the game for free!