Play the Most Realistic Poker

Good at reading people?  Whether you are a "wannabe", a professional poker player or just playing for fun, take advantage of the built-in expression engine in Nobot Poker® to discover your opponent's "tell".

Betting is done only using chips in Nobot Poker®.  Compared to the typical "slider" that's used to bet, distinct chip denominations in a raise give you more information in order to read an opponent's state of mind.  In addition, you are able to observe the exact movements an opponent displays while making a bet.

Poker is all about gathering information, nuances.  As a player who wants to gain an edge, Nobot Poker® gives you all the subtle clues.

Obeserve opponents behavior

Gauge a player's confidence level while observing subtle expressions.  When it's your turn, put on a show and bluff your way to victory!

BECOME A Poker Pro

Play your way towards the top.  Stay on the "All Time Ranking" list and know you are famous.  As Nobot Poker is a skill based game,  your ranking is your talent.

See When They Look At Their Cards

With patent pending game mechanics, a world-class casino resort is just a click away because we enable you to play exactly the same way.  

Play Live With Real People

Walk into the lobby, you will not only see real live players, but also feel that you are amongst them.  Observe a few tables first before joining.