Nobotgames Inc.


Job Title:

Software Engineer

Job Description:

We are looking for passionate software engineers to help us build nobotgames. You can expect to be involved in all aspects of developing a cool game from just an idea to actually playing it with your friends. At nobotgames, we develop games to connect with the people we care about.


  • Solid understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • Solid understanding of asynchronous programming
  • Know what a vector is
  • Familiarity with any scene graph engines i.e. Ogre3D, Unity3D, etc. (BONUS)
  • Experience implementing complex systems in Python (BONUS)
  • Experience with functional language concepts (map, reduce, recursions, higher order functions etc) (BONUS)
  • Experience with network programming (BONUS)

About the company

Located in beautiful downtown Pomona California, nobotgames is the place to work and play. In a small team setting, whether you enjoy video games or sports, for us, work is play. We believe fun people make fun games!

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